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SEO-promotion is a sequence of activities that increase the visibility of a website's highest positions on search engines. What exactly is search engine promotion service?

 "The term SEO can be originated from Search Engine Optimization and means "search engine optimization". It is the process of adjusting an online resource to specific requirements and making it appear appropriate to appear at the top of the list in search engines whenever you type in a query.

 How SEO-optimization and contextual advertising are interconnected

 The search engines Yandex and Google are two search engines that serve two purposes:

  •  Let users locate the information they require about any topic;
  •  Assist entrepreneurs in directing visitors towards the website.

 Every business on the internet is determined to be at the top of the search engine results which increases the amount of hits, and also brings in more clients.

 You can rise up to the peak of results from a search engine using:

  •  contextual advertising;
  •  SEO-optimization.

  The two strategies complement each the other and their application is the most efficient in business promotion.

 The SEO features

 SEO optimization is a collection of options for technical optimization that can be designed to be adapted to the most popular needs of the intended group, i.e. potential customers. In response to the demands of the users, the optimised website is positioned in the top positions of results for searches.

 SEO is not results in a short time. Its effects are usually visible after a couple of months. The requirements for optimization and ranking are always evolving. It is essential to keep track of developments regularly and modify the online resource that is based on them. 

 Contextual advertising is a way to advertise

 This kind of advertisement is paid ads that will automatically get the top positions in the search results, ahead of SEO-optimized websites. A crucial point to note is that some users are more likely to trust natural search results websites more than ads. Context is simple to differentiate since it is labelled "advertising."

 Paid advertisements, in contrast to SEO provide immediate results. But both methods work equally well. Contextual advertising is the fastest method of advertising while optimization takes a long time. However, the benefit for SEO is that it's a cheaper than contextual.

 What is SEO? How do you make SEO function?

 SEO marketing includes the following methods:

  •  technical duties: performing non-content related algorithms on the website that improve the ranking of the website in results of a search;
  • Site adaptation: making content more relevant and understandable with the aid in the form of plugins (Wix, WordPress, Joomla) and by adding keywords
  •  external optimization: activities which are carried out outside of the site promoted which includes the generation of backlinks in order to boost rankings.

 Search engines should be able to check sites prior to publication

 Search engines review websites in three phases:

  • discovering crawling;
  • Issue - Indexing;
  • search and position.


 Search engines come with built-in algorithms that identify new Internet resources, review the content of their pages, as well as monitor the changes and updates.


 In this phase the search engine evaluates the contents of the site to determine the quality of information, its uniqueness and compliance with requests from users. If all these requirements are met the website is registered and saved inside the databases system.

 A resource is not indexed because of:

  • plagiarism;
  • poor-quality content and spam
  • the absence of external links
  • Inability to browse the page.
  •  Rating

 Search engines utilize more than 200 rankings signals. The most popular ones are:

  • credibility, reputation of the reputation, authority of the resource;
  • loading speed;
  • convenience for mobile devices;

  Keywords are included on the page, as well as the tag for title.

 What are the chief executive's responsibilities?

 SEO-related promotion for a site is comprised of these steps

  • The installation of analytics systems is done on the Analytics resource from Google. They assist in estimating the amount of pages viewed and the duration spent by the website as well as the number of times you visit the website, and keywords.
  • Audit of the website to identify broken links duplicate pages and content that load slowly or incorrect display of the pages on various platforms and devices.
  • Assessment of competitor's sites.
  • Sorting and collecting of semantic data based on the results of primary queries: determination of the kind of website and the kind of tags, and the content of contextual advertisements. 
  •  Internal optimization: the creation of content that includes keywords and that meets SEO standards Correcting inappropriate content and writing Title Meta tags Description and Title, with keywords, relinking the structural elements within the source. External adaptation: study of links in other resources, creating new links, ensuring the indexing of these links.

SEO marketing is a powerful instrument to increase a website's position and stand out from millions of competition. It's a good investment in the field of business development.